Monday, 16 July 2018

Using Technology for Good: Social Support Platform

Here’s an idea for a Social Support Platform. What if technology was harnessed to create a universal, easy, intuitive, responsive way to get support from and provide support to society at large. This creation we might call the Social Support Plarform and would be a single entry point worldwide to intuitively discover and access free social support in relation to advice, advocacy, education, online marketplaces and stores for commercial goods and services and commercial and charitable fundraising and financing among any number of socially beneficial services. The idea would be that if you need help and someone is willing to help, let’s get you and them connected. The platform would not be only information based but also provide infrastructure and logic that supports people in setting up and running their own businesses for free all the way to being able to setup and operate an online store within minutes. The platform would also support those who support the platform by rewarding socially valuable contributions, as determined by users, with social credits in the form of exchangeable crypto currency whose value in exchange for goods and services available on the platform markets must be assured. This could look like a discretionary donation for advice type approach where users can donate as much as they are able after receiving support to show appreciation. This platform would need to be governed to stop abuses and so a direct democracy approach tempered by constitutional principles could be employed to set rules and regulations around acceptable activity on the platform. The idea would be to set the principles very carefully and sufficiently broadly first and make the platform as extensible as possible within the principle framework. Another key feature would be security and privacy. The platform would need to be protected by abuses from various risks including those posed by state actors and would need to be truly globally accessible and privacy assured such as through anti-censorship, anonymisation and privacy protection technologies. These sort of platforms or precursors or components of such platforms may exist so maybe one or many of these could serve as a starting point but the technology is definitely there, all that’s needed is the people to support it.

This is just a rough idea but worth thinking about further. More to come as thoughts progress... 

Let me know any thoughts or if you are aware of similar projects out there.

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