Monday, 24 March 2014

Would Recommend Code::Blocks IDE for C++ Development

I normally use a Linux host for my development work (Eclipse and Netbeans) but have today decided to look at Windows again. I was looking around for a no-nonsense IDE with version control, syntax highlighting, compiling and running of programs in the one intuitive interface. I finally found a good IDE that fits the bill: Code::Blocks (see home page at This IDE installs easily and without any issues from a single downloaded binary (albeit 100mb in size. Download the one at: and can build and run C++ application code straight out of the box. I was very impressed. I didn't have to setup cygwin or MinGW it set this up for me (i.e MinGW was installed alongside the IDE and GCC).

It's looking good so far but we'll see how it goes when I start to exercise it a bit more.